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Halford Hewitt 2023

Report by Jon Douglas

After many trials and a brilliant turnout the 2023 Hewitt was another frustrating first-round exit for the team.

Drawing Canford in the first round at Deal the team consisted of:

  • Sallis & Ferguson-Jones

  • Harper & Mackie

  • Gowar & Thomas

  • Edmunds & A Peters

  • Bragg & E Peters

Reserve: Coleman

Unfortunately, despite many games going down the final stretch of holes, the final result was 1.5-3.5 in favour of a good Canford side.

An exit in the first round of the Hewitt always means entry into the Plate competition which is 3 pairs per side rather than 5. With many keen to stay down and take part, showing the strength of the camaraderie in the squad, we did well to reach the quarterfinals and have a narrow 2-1 exit to Harrow with the final match being decided on the 18th at Princes.

  • Sallis & Ferguson-Jones

  • Douglas & Edmunds

  • Thomas / Coop & Harper / Coleman

The Hewitt is always fabulous week and we thank the support from those that travelled including Barry Campbell, John Goodeve-Docker and Henry Somerset. With 2024 representing the Centenary of the Hewitt we look forward to it soon coming around and putting this years unfortunate first round result well and truly behind us.

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