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OWs Beat Bradfield In Potential Hewitt Preview

The 11th on the Blue. The Berkshire was in sublime shape despite the recent weather.

Match report by Jon Douglas

The 2023 OW Hewitt campaign got underway on Sunday with the first team trial v Bradfield at The Berkshire.

With 18 players bidding for 10 places the competition is particularly strong this year but with the side winning 6.5-3.5 the squad is in great shape.

The Berkshire lunch lived up to expectations as ever and a great day was had by all even with mats required in place of traditional preferred lies.

Should both teams win their first two rounds in the Hewitt then they will meet in the 3rd round so this could have been a perfect warm up for a place in the quarter finals!

The next trial is at Royal St George’s on the 5th vs Kings.

The OW side was:

Jon Douglas (c)

Freddie Edmunds

James Wyke

James Harper

Tim Lord

Chris Thomas

Jag Bhabra

Ben Ebbetts

Edward Bragg

Charlie Coleman

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