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End Of Year Message For 2023

Fellow OW Golfers,

Hopefully you will all have read the update I sent out (2 weeks ago) at the end of November,

which covered the important changes to the Committee Structure and also an early heads-up

on the Centenary events.

Since then we have had the Centenary Dinner at Queens organised superbly, principally by

Peter Mallinson and Jame Harper but with much help from a strong supporting team, which

did not include your Hon. Sec. It was a splendid evening, excellent food and drink and a

range of entertaining and informative speeches from Henry Somerset, Bas Gowar, James

Harper and of course Peter Mallinson. I’m sure there were a few sore heads the following

morning but all in a good cause.

I attach the Fixtures List for next year and you will see that one or two fixtures have been

dropped but hopefully these may be resumed in the future, in particular the match against the

Old Cliftonians which Crispin Sadler – a new OWGS Member - who lives in Bristol and has

many Old Cliftonian friends is keen to re-start. If you are interested, please contact him – his

details are in the attached update Members’ List. There are also some Centenary Specific

matches and if you would like to play or feel that you should be considered, please contact

any of the nominated organisers.

Finally we are in a reasonably sound financial situation but as ever the cost of supporting the

younger players and our participation in the senior competitions does put a strain on our

income. I sent out reminders some time ago about checking to see if you had a bankers’

order in place for your subscription and many of you were kind enough to check and confirm.

I’m hoping that all those who are due to pay a subscription, i.e. are 25 or older by 31 st

December 2023 have put the necessary bank payment instruction in place for next year and

all subsequent years. The bank details on request, but will have been emailed to you.

While I am on the subject of money, we do run an annual 100 Club competition which

essentially is a draw for cash prizes once a year where we retain some of the income and

distribute the balance as prizes after the annual draw. If you don’t contribute to this but

would like to please contact me for more details. It’s a great way to raise extra funds and

have a chance to win some cash at the same time. Please remember that the OWGS

subscription has maintained the same £25 fee for over 30 years; surely that must be one of the great


I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible, on or off the course next year.

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